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My part I of a two part series on Pope Francis and why I think he rocks!  There has been a backlash against religiosity lately with all that is going on in the world and folks like him definitely help restore your faith!

I’m agnostic bordering on atheist and this man warms my heart. He is what we should all strive to be.

Agnostic yet going down the list i’m liking this pope more and more.

Pope Francis is a cool dude.

how to survive the worst case scenario by Lovino Vargas


My deer atheists, who try to fight religion by implying that it deny science and, sadly, sometimes by hate speech.
Most of christians, including the biggest Church-Roman Catholic Church, teach that if science says evolution is true, then its true. Same goes for all the physics.
Churche’s explanation is that God-Almighty and eternal (which isn’t anything special when there is no time:P) created universe (mass, energy and all the laws of physics), then he let it form planets etc. Some say that then he created first living cell, some that it was just propability and some that propability was superlow, so he composed particles in the very begging that way, that they formed first living cell 15 000 000 000 years later.
Then, in some moment of human evolution, God gave human (or some hominid) soul (still, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is some magic decision making force in our mind, we can accept that these are just highly organised proteins, but there always is immortal soul in every human being, that joins with the body in the moment of fertilization and leaves it in the moment of death). This part would be propably accepted by every deist, but christians believe in more.
Throught the history God intervened on Earth, personally, by angels and most importantly-under the form of Jesus of Nazareth.
We also believe God brakes the law of physics and intervens in our world even today, because of the power of prayer (yet we don’t know if he will intervene in the particular matter we pray for).
The Churches that deny evolution are usually small protestant Churches, usually from USA.

Also my dear atheists, please tell me what bad or harmful things does Christianity do in our times?
I just can’t understand what just and clear reasons you can have to fight it.
Like, don’t you think Islam presents bigger threat today? But yet you fight Christianity for the vast majority of time.

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